Never able to get a fight with no1 or champion

After getting into the top 3 I can only fight ranked 15-6. It’d be nice to be champion once in a while​:joy:. Please helpppp this is with every fighter and every game I play I might be dumb or :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not sure what you mean ranked 15-6?

You really need to be ranked 1-1-1-1 to pretty much be guaranteed a title shot. Though not always the case though. I have never once had a fighter not get a title fight eventually (assuming you keep winning and fight the highest rank). Some just take longer than others, like irl.

Little things you can do will help. Keep an eye out when champs are fighting, you may be missing the opportunity by arranging a fight when a title fight is about to become available. Wait until the rankings update (every 4 weeks) before arranging fights. Also if a champ is injured, they won’t take a title fight the first week after. So forward a week and the title shot may be available.

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Sometimes it will depend on the week since fighters may have other scheduled bouts. Also could be that the champion has more than one belt and you may not qualify for the other one

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