New beta update 1.02.22

For those on the beta programme we have a new update out today.

All Weights Expansion Pack update: All stable managed fighters now have the potential to change weight throughout their career, according to game, career and each fighter’s specific attributes and ability. (This feature is only for those games created using the All Weights Expansion Pack)

Fighter’s Cut Tendency - a fighter’s Cut Tendency can now be reduced in two ways. Firstly, fighter’s whose current trainer possesses both high Nutrition and Cut Work attributes may see a natural reduction in the fighter’s Cut Tendency value when not scheduled for a fight. Manager’s can now also use XP to reduce the fighter’s Cut Tendency. This figure does not require or use any fighter Potential. The XP cost of the change is calculated using their trainer’s Nutrition and Cut Work attributes.

Fixed display bug where incorrect weight could be shown in the fighter’s title label.

Some fixes for issue whereby some users gameworlds could not be opened.We continue to work on this release on solving some of the database issues that have seriously affected some users.

Tapping a fighter’s rankings on the fighter screen now takes the player to the rankings for that fighter’s weight class.

Added world champion icons to stable fighter list on game dashboard.

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