New Boxing Update

Hi guys,

The new update has seemed to have caused a massive issue with my game.

There is a 4th title now which is Vacant and has no name. This titles ranking is off. Low ranking boxers for the other titles have the highest ranking. This means there is no challengers for my boxers or if someone loses I can’t challenge back.

My save game is over 500 weeks with $2.5b I don’t want to have restart it after all that hard work.

I am a support and just bought the expansion pack. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can continue playing but you won’t be able to acquire the new 4th belts.

I too was in your similar situation and just decided that I’m gonna restart anyway in order to acquire the new belts.

Hi we have seen this and your mail and are investigating.

We aren’t sure what has happened here but doesn’t look great.

You can add the names of the fourth title by going to Titles>Title org config via the main menu.

That the title hasn’t been added correctly does suggest something has gone awry in the adding of the fourth title. Sorry about the inconvenience


Thanks for responding.

I did that and added a name and acronym but there was still no title. It remained vacant. Which meant I could not get a fighter to be undisputed, which loses money.

I restarted the game and it is working now. I lost the 600 weeks I built up and $2.5b. I had to by $50m to try and get back to where I was quicker.

Can you perhaps look at adding a multiple save game file?


We will look at that and sorry you had this problem.

If you ping us at the email (we can’t do it here) but we will send over some IAP promo codes to make up for it.

Regards and thanks for playing,
BM Team