New features am dying to see in BM

Hey there,

Just gonna say I know I’ve suggested these before but these are my main 3 next features I’d love to see added.

  • Be able to drop a fighter down a weight class.
    Being able to move fighters freely how you see fit would be a class addition

  • Regional titles such as British Champ, Commonwealth champ am sure there’s other from other regions just the main ones from where am from

  • The option to customise city’s where boxers are from. Can imagine this might be controversial but I waste sometimes hours trying to get a class boxer from Edinburgh to start my game. If it’s maybe only a option to sign your first fighter from where your from maybe be a way to stop people being annoyed taking away from the randomness but I’d love this feature save me some time.

Any other suggestions feel free to leave these are my top 3.