New fighter purses...Why so much higher than opponent?

In only his second professional fight, my fighter seems to have a much bigger purse than other fighters in/around his ranking.

His opponent (see below) is ranked higher in all belt categories - but takes a much lower purse.

I’m curious to know why this might be?
The large differences seem to occur with all my new boxers (from their first fight they earn a disproportionately higher amount than their higher ranked opponent).

I’m not sure it makes sense that the guaranteed fee would be so high - without any experience. Curious to know what influences this.

Perhaps I should look more closely at the finances when I play the game - estimated purses, guaranteed fees, gate receipts, profit/loss on fight, etc.

Others may disagree, but I think the finance side of the game could be clearer and easier to interpret.

Or perhaps I have just neglected this area and not really made enough effort to see how the calculations work!

Thanks for the posts.

The finances of the game world are now pretty complex so not sure there’s a simple explanation. There used to be but as time goes on there are many factors coming into play.

What we need to do is reflect those changes and like other things in the game do a better job at explaining the context and detail when finances come into play.

Most notably is to add to the finances screen to reflect more detail and the various news posts don’t necessarily help now in explaining all the various components.