New Game - No Fighters - fixed

Anybody had this problem? Start a new world and it won’t allow you to sign any fighters!

Iv never seen that. Does it happen every time you start a new game?

I’ve also seen this, doesn’t happen every time but I think it’s about 50% of the time I start a new game.

That’s weird. Iv started countless new games and never seen it. Out of interest do you have US as your country when you start as well?

I do often use the US however I don’t think it matters as a couple of times it’s allowed me to press through from the country selection page without me selecting a country so I think the error fires when the new world is generated.

Very weird. Just seems odd Iv never seen it. At times Iv spend hrs restarting to get a particular type of boxer and never once encountered this issue.

Seen this a few times when I keep starting a new game trying to find someone decent. Starting another new game will sort it out

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We have had a couple of reports of this now and are investigating.

Very weird and we haven’t been able to reproduce it once.

If anyone can reproduce this then please let us know as this is an obscure one.


What game mode type you using? Normal or “the other one”.

So this is using normal game mode. What will happen when I’m trying to start a new game is that the first time it will come up normal, next time will say I can’t pick any fighters (as in the screenshot above). It will then repeat this cycle while starting new games.

We have identified the issue and here is also a workaround.

The issue is caused when the Gym location is not set. There is a bug that allows the game to proceed without the country being selected. If the player taps through a few times then this creates the issue seen.

Repeatedly making a new game does not solve the problem.

However, closing the app by swiping it away as per the usual iOS gesture and then reopening the app does solve the problem.

We will add a patch to the next update to stop this occurring but in the meantime we can see that this simple solution works and again the bug will not appear in the first place if the gym location is set.

Thanks for all contacts on this and helping us to work out the issue.
BM Team

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It’s been doing that for months. When I have done a restart and signed 2 boxers, when game starts and I look at stats and they were crap. I would go to lobby and restart game and noticed until I closed app I could only sign 1 fighter on restart.