New game options?

I’ve been addicted to this game!! I literally have to bring my charger everywhere because this game drains the crap out of my battery (Well worth it btw).But I just wanted to ask how you guys would feel with these options for the game?

-Women’s division

-An online mode where we can have a group of people play in the same simulated worlds ,going against other peoples online boxer??

I’m on the younger side so I keep thinking of “Man this would be so cool if I can play online with friends” haha. What do you guys think?And hope you guys a great week!

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Hey mate. Personally not a fan of having the woman’s div in. Just because I personally have no interest in it. But I don’t see why not as long as it was an option. But would hate it if it was forced on you. Plus that would double the size of an already huge game.

Online is a tough one. Been discussed loads. Very hard to implement as online management games are a completely different thing really. I like the idea of matching fighters up against other players though. But not as part of the game world if that makes sense.

I do like this idea too. It’s been mentioned before.
I am not sure, but maybe that kind of option would come later, if/when a PC version is made.

Alas unlikely in the short or medium term.
Aside our from our personal opinions, the work with names etc does not justify the work being taken from something else and moved to create top boxers as dismal as Katie Taylor :wink: . That said we are a player led game and we are getting increasing requests for it.

We have two exploratory projects underway on this front. None of guaranteed to hit the streets but we figured that a dual approach might work. We won’t give too much away but we wanted to connect the experience with people’s own save games but that may over complicate things. Maybe not.

Our Android version must come first then we will be looking at as a more serious project.

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Thanks for the replies! And sorry for jumping too ahead while you have future projects prior.None the less you guys all have a great one!!