New game tips help?

Hi there,

When starting a new game what do you look out for in fighters?

Is it that they will improve a lot? How do i know if a fighters stats will be good

Ring Generalship, and chin are probably the 2 most important stats. Others stats are important of course. But with poor Ring Generalship you will lose easy. And with a poor chin even the best boxers can get knocked out easily. Try to get these 2 stats as high as possibly (minimum 15).

Going into ‘growth’ and seeing how many stat points they have to attribute is a good indicator of how good they can be (remaining potential). For your info, Ring Generalship takes up 3 stat points per update, other important ones like chin and accuracy take up 2. That will give you an idea of how much you can manually train up your boxer. Although he will also gain stats gradually as well with a decent trainer.

I was thinking more of the home page when starting a new game and it says how good each stat is in words

Well quite simply, as many stats in green as possible. Top one is ring generalship I think. Others are pretty much self explanatory. Can’t look as it would ruin my game save.

You won’t know how good they are until you start the game. You can always just quit and start a new game until you get a good boxer…

Thanks, i did think top one was ring g, thanks again

No worries mate. If you need tips on anything you else just give a shout. Plenty experienced players on this forum.

Actually, just realised you might not be new to the game and just wanted advise on the first bit :joy:. Sorry if that was patronising, not intended lol.

that’s fine, only been playing a couple of weeks, still trying to not go bankrupt

You want to spend very little early on. I normally just upgrade my gym to 4 spots and then spend nothing at all for the next few years. I only sign anyone if they have amazing stats, as you will lose a lot of money on them. It’s safer to just stick with your starter boxers until you have a decent balance (over 1M).

The trick is to build slowly and mange the money properly. We agree it’s not easy but once you learn to get a couple of good ones under the right contracts as well as matchmaking the right route to the title the money then pours in accordingly.