New ideas for the game!

Just some ideas I’ve thought of…

  1. Maybe a Extra belt in the division taking it from 3 belts to 4.
  2. Maybe doing amateurs before going pros or that option it you want.
  3. Calling out fighters or champions.
  4. Maybe a hall of fame in the game and a hall of fame leaderboard.

Thanks all of that is cool. In terms of what’s coming sooner rather than later see below :wink:

I agree should have 4 world titles I suggested this before seems right

Also think they should have some sort of half of fame seems like a easy thing to add so you can look at the greats

We will get there but much important things to come, far more important than the appearance of an ersatz WBO :wink:

This time last year we were still only on one!


New comers to the game would be amazed how far it’s come in the last year or so. Especially when you realise how small the team are.

Can confirm that a large amount of suggestions from here have made the game so would chill, I’m sure the majority will be added eventually.

Once this next big update is out of the way then we’ll be back in request mode again. :slight_smile:

Not this coming update isn’t anything other than top of this communities’ wish list :slight_smile:

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Will regional titles be on next update? When you get a few gyms and a big stable of fighters. It can become a bit of a grind getting 15 fighters to world titles. Regional titles will keep it interesting

Unless we have to do a quick patch, yes. :slight_smile:

No guarantee on timing but that’s all work at present is on delivering the regional titles, new title screens as well as a whole new way of titles working behind the scenes which will enable the games to scale titles in many new ways :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Will we ever be able to have multiple games at the same time also I think a feature where some fighters have nicknames would be nice

I appreciate what your saying I understand things take time keep up the good work

Any chance you could add the ability to cut/payout a fighters contract early? I hate having to fight out a long contract with a fighter that isn’t working out.

Great Job! The game has given me hours of chillaxing fun.


It’s so refreshing to play a game where the creators/developers seem every bit as enthusiastic about the game as the buyers. Keep it up guys we appreciate it!


That’s putting it mildly. If there’s anyone more enthusiastic they’d be making their own version :slight_smile:

Thanks for playing. Some BIG changes and cool updates just around the next corner.

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True that, you certainly have my appreciation anyway!

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