New Player Struggling

Hi all,

Brought the game yesterday and can’t put it down! I’m really struggling with the money side of things and looking for tips.

I had one save where I had 3 fighters all with really good records and money just kept dropping and dropping even though there all around 12 unbeaten?

Just wondering which direction I should take with fighters after there first contract is done.

Thanks do your help

Have you been spending much? Upgrading gym etc. It’s best to spend pretty much nothing first few years.

Also try and have you fighters on similar length contracts. Expiring around the same time. They make profit towards the end of their contracts. Do that and you shouldn’t go bankrupt.

No i didn’t spend at all but I just didn’t seem to be making any money at all, I’ll try that with a new save, how do you mainly make money?

You don’t really make money for a while to be honest. Once your boxers have decent ranking positions (top 10 etc) they will start to make money. Also depends on weight. Heavyweights make good money, featherweights make very little for example.

Thanks for your help, I will see how I get on, I just found when my fighters were renewing there contract I was losing 10k after they fought because of how much there fee per fight was, there fee would be say 40k and their opponent was 1k?

No probs mate. Yeah that will happen early in their contract. But it will start to turn into profit as the contracts runs down and their ranking position rises. Why it’s handy to have all contracts running at the same time if at all possible.

Can I give you another wee tip. The ranking tables refresh every 4 weeks. Try to wait until it refreshes before organising your next fight. If he wins your boxer will normally rise around 20 - 30 places meaning you can fight higher ranked boxers. You will climb the rankings a lot quicker this way.

Thanks I will try it out! Like I’ve just renewed this fighters contract and it says I’ll loose 61,000 on his contract? Do I just swallow it until he’s low ranked or?

Yeah mine all say the same. But you will rise in the rankings so they will start to make money. I think that figure is based on fighting fighters around the current rank. The financial side of the game has had a lot of updates recently. Seems to be working ok at the moment, though it is admittedly a challenge.

By the way, you can edit the belt names and abbreviations to the real names on the Titles screen.

Thanks for the help going to give it another go and try and get my head around it!


Good luck man. If you follow what I said about contracts you should be all good. Well unless your fighters are useless and don’t climb the rankings of course :joy:

This is going to be removed in the next update.

It’s very misleading and not accurate given the way we now calculate career earnings.

Thanks for coming to our community.

I wondered why my money was going down so quickly, is this my fault for doing the contract or something else??

How many fights has he had? If they got a 10 fight contract they probably won’t make you any money until 6 or 7th fight. Don’t try grow stable too quick and I don’t spend any money on gym until I have a bit in bank. Early stages I only sign fighters who look like dead certs to be future champ. If I have any doubts then I don’t sign them.

Damn, we play exactly the same man :joy:

Been reading your tips for past 6 months.:+1::joy:
I get ring generalship in my dreams cos I have heard it so much.

Haha, nice one. You can chip in and help new players as well now :wink::joy:

We need to stop helping. If we ever get a update so it’s possible to fight each other then we have a huge advantage. :joy::joy:

On my newest game when I started there was 1 very good heavyweight and rest were poor so for first 2 years I only had 1 boxer. It was easiest restart ever. He got wbc belt after 15 fights and had got 8 fights left on his contract which was 300k. I was loaded straight away.

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Haha very true. Iv not been working due to covid for best part of a year so I have had way too much time on my hands to be sitting on forums etc. And I kinda get frustrated if people are stuck on the early stages of the game as they are missing out on such a good gaming experience if that makes sense.

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This was probably his 14th fight? I went from 500,000 making money to nearly bankrupt in 3 fights from that boxer fighting and loosing so much