New titles to grab

Would love to see some more titles added to the game a list of the ones I reckon should be added

IBO title
Ring title
Commonwealth title

Am sure there’s a few more that would be good to see


The Ring belt for sure. Not sure about IBO though. Bit of a Mikey Mouse belt.

Ring is good. Rather see national titles than Commonwealth tbh…

Got to disagree if you live in the commonwealth you know this is quite a big title to grab and would love to earn it in the game but would also love national titles

That’s fair enough. @Mugginzbhoy19

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I would say in the UK the Lonsdale belt is quite a bit bigger than that Commonwealth. Not sure about other countries though. Iv never really seen it taken all that serious to be honest.

That said, don’t see why it couldn’t be added. Would just way prefer the Lonsdale.

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