New to the game, how does training work?

Hey y’all, I just recently purchased the game and I do not understand how training works. I saw a thread with a lot of really good fighters with great stats and I’m trying to get my stable looking like that. Any tips or tricks for training would be much appreciated!

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I generally just keep my training as it is unless there is a particular stat I want to improve. However if you move any stat to ‘intensive’ you will need to reduce another one. It tells you what stats are improved when you change them.

The stat points are important, so allocate them correctly. The key stat you need that a lot of new players don’t realise is ‘Ring Generalship’. So ensure you improve that if you can. You want that to be at least 15.

Thing is though, you have to understand that some boxers just won’t be good enough. Your not going to be able to make a terrible boxer great. To get a stable full of great fighters you will need to win a title. It’s at that stage you get offered a lot better rookie boxers. Really one of your starting boxers needs to be good enough to win a title or your going to struggle.

Thank you for the quick reply! I will attempt to win a championship now. Also, when do you expand your stable and upgrade your gym?

No problem, happy to help. If you click on gym, one of the tabs along the bottom is ‘upgrade’.

T.T You need to keep that on copy and paste. Bet you have written that 50 times at least over last 5 months. :joy:

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Haha I’m considering just changing my name to Ring Generalship is key :joy:


:joy::joy:. I made same mistake when I first started. I was looking at every stat apart from r.g. Biggest mistake I made and still do, is getting good rookies and not looking at opponent properly and end up getting them ko’d. I have ruined a couple of young heavyweights. Fortunately all good young heavyweights that come through seem to be Scots so don’t get too attached. :joy:

Sure I probably did as well mate. Why I like to help people out. It’s a great game. But won’t be so much for anyone that doesn’t know how it all works.

Man it’s tough when your big hope is knocked out and the chin stats drop. 2 knockouts can be disastrous. And for me it’s even worse if they are Scottish :joy:

And we spent ages writing and updating the manual!
We thought everyone read written manuals :laughing:

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There is a manual!?



Now he tells us. We have been winging it for ages.

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The weeks spent on that…:slight_smile:

Perhaps a frequently asked questioned pinned here would be a good idea. It tends to be the same few questions being asked. Why are my boxers crap, why can’t I get a title fight, why can’t I sign boxers.

I used to write internal manuals in a previous job. Thankless task as no one reads them :joy:

And yet, RTFM.
It’s a good read, not least if this game is your… “thing”.

Ha I have actually read it. Was a bit late for me by the time I did though lol