New update available (1.00.02)

A new update for Boxing Manager (1.00.02) is available from the App Store. It can take a few hours to appear in some App Stores so bear with it.

We will create a separate post on use of the hot fixes now contained in the game.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted bugs, found issues and generally helped us identify and fix stuff quickly. Already this community is worth its weight in gold to us in continually trying to improve the game.

In this version.

1.00.02 (2162)

  • Fixed issue of champions appearing to not give up their belt
  • Fixed issue whereby on moving up weight class a fighter could obtain too low ranking in new weight
  • Fixed issue whereby victories by cut stoppage where causing data issues.
  • Fixed issue of odd unification bouts occurring.
  • Fixed issue whereby rankings large inconsistencies emerge between ranking systems
  • Added Options to main menu
  • Added hot-fix section to Option screen
  • Added ranking variance hot-fix
  • Added removing duplicate champions per weight and bug-induced title unification unwinding hot-fix
  • Gyms can now be closed down and removed from the game
  • Refactored some fight code relating to world titles
  • World title fights distributed more evenly at start of new game
  • Fighters are now less likely to re-join a gym that have previously left due to bad managerial relationship.
  • Fighters when signing or re-signing to stable receive boost to existing fighter manager relationship.
  • Forecast return on contract now displayed on contract screen.
  • Regional organisations acronyms now displayed correctly on rankings screen
  • Typo fixes in world title news item
  • Altered unification opportunities in manual matchmaking
  • Menu button changed to Lobby on main menu
  • Fewer locations now available at start of game in which to create gym.
  • Updated game manual

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