Damn, I guess I can’t just let my ex Heavyweight champions crazy big contracts run down and then re-sign them now :joy:

Moved him up a weight and this happened I’ve lost 20 million from him fighting

They just moved him down more


Go to the new Options page.

Apply the Ranking variance hotfix. Give it four weeks and see what happens. You may need to do this variance hotfix a few times to get the rankings back down .

We’ve tried to implement any fixes that arose from 1 and 1.00.01 in this fashion rather than include the fix in game play. Give it a go.

Btw we’ve moved this into it’s own thread.

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It fixed the ranking. Thank you

That rocks our world to know.

Sits back and makes a drink

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One recommendation I have for moving weights is that when they move up fighters fee stays the same but the estimate drops exponentially. I feel either both should drop or they should stay the same

Added to the list. :slight_smile: Thanks

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Just do whatever works best with the algorithm and what can be done

I have the update and noticed that all of my boxers are losing money. I have a very large stable of 100 or so boxers and in 6 months I have lost $1.7b and have went from $2.1b to $400m. Not sure what has happened to the algorithm for the financial model. I’m going to continue to see what happens but I may get to a point that I am out of funds.

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Just happened to me.

don’t know how this happened
Went from #1 to #424

Was this after running the variance hotfix?

On the money side the game algortithm for contract value hasn’t changed so we’ll see what’s happening.

We are comfortable with new games calculating ok but these prior made games have an issue with the rankings (and consequently the titles). The game then calculated a contract value in those incorrect conditions (which you made a contract at) the rankings/title fix then will go towards the new contract value. If that makes senses.

Easiest way to fix is to make new game but we’ll look at another hot fix if possible if we can see that’s what the issue is. Priority is too make sure new games are stable which we believe they are.

I have not done any hot fixes yet. I was not sure if I should or not and when I should do one of the hot fixes.

It’s hard to tell without seeing the game itself. All of these are to correct issues in 1.00.00- 01 and it’s entirely possible (given how the game world works and with the bugs fixed) that game integrity can resolve.

Sounds good. I will not apply a hot fix unless it is a last resort to maintain integrity.

It would be good to fix those rare occurrences where you have a boxer that has a sign fee of several hundred million dollars. The real problem is if the fighter loses and he is still under contract for 4 or 5 more matches, you can run through a billion dollars really quickly. I understand that a title match will be much higher dollars than any other match, however, I see title matches for some weight classes that it is a couple of million dollars while you have the occasional one at $500m, or more, I understand a unified belt is even more valuable than just a champion belt. It would be good to somehow produce logic in the game, that no matter what, If you get a boxer into a unified match, you will make a good profit. It is not necessarily fair for a fighter who loses his unified belt to continue to require a $500m or more fee. Just my thoughts. I am not sure what can actually be done, in the 5000 or so matches I have played and over 200 different boxers I have played, I have only had 2 fighters that ended up in that weird upside down situation where you lose several hundred million dollars on a match.

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Mathematically that feels about right to have that kind of financial catastrophe at that rate of occurrence. You play an extreme game so 1pc chance of extreme outcome feels generous by the “house”:wink:

Very true. I have probably had 200 plus fighters and just had 2 of them extreme like that. What is good is that you will get a huge payout at the end of the match if it is a unified belt.

The problem occurs when that boxer with the extreme contract loses and you still have several matches left For him. What happen is you have to pay the $400m-$500m fee every fight and since it is not a belt match, you lose just about $400m-$500m for those matches. Only the belt match has a comparable payout, your payout on non belt matches are a couple of million at best so you can see if that particular boxer has 4 matches left at that extreme fight fee;; you can easily lose $2b until his contract expires.

I know you can decide not to fight him and let him sue you to get out of his contract but I would not know how harsh the penalty is. Maybe you have to pay out the rest of his contract which would still be $2b.

I don’t know how real boxing works. Let’s say Floyd mayweather in his prime get $300m guaranteed for each title match defending his belt, what happens if he lost and is now rated as a challenger and there is not a mandatory rematch? He would obviously get the $300m for the match he lost, however, how much would his fight fee be once he lost and was ranked 1 or 2 and he decides to fight somebody ranked 10? I wouldn’t think his mandatory fee would be $300m for such a fight even if you had him under contract for 4 more fights. I know he would be a 20 in box office so maybe he could command a $200m or so because of his name even though he is fighting a fighter ranked 10. But, the payout for the whole fight would be more than $1m or $2m. You would have a payout that would at least be at the level of his fee so the promoter does not lose $200m. I don’t think a promoter is willing to lose that type of money. Promoters will lose money and that’s reality but not that much in my personal opinion, just my two cents.