New update bugs?

Hi I just noticed something that keeps happening now I’m progressing further in the game. So before when I used to change weight in a champion they used to wait 4 weeks to get their rankings and then usually the belt that you held out of the three organizations you’d be 1 in that organization and somewhere in the top 10 for the other 2 (that is if you was top 10 in the weight below) but what’s happened recently is when I change weight the fighter is a top ten fighter in the other 2 organizations but somewhere like 400 in the one where he was champion. Also this has happened to my fighters where they aren’t champion. So before the new rankings they would be for example 2/2/4 but after the new rankings without losing or facing bad opponents they’re ranking would be 2/355/4 and this then makes it impossible to get fights with people in the top 100. Sorry if I’ve explained it bad but I added screenshots to try and explain

Just to explain the screenshots. This guy was a champion in the weight below he moved up and was ranked somewhere really low so he couldn’t get his title shot in the higher weight class

Forgot this screenshot of where he was a champion in the weight class below but every time he moves up weight it messes up his rankings

Yeah we can see that. We are on it. Have no fear.

Thanks so much for that bug report Zeeshan.

From it we’ve been able to fix this issue as well as the one with multiple world champions and champions not relinquishing their belts. We believe them to all be the same issue. Together with a large number of fixes we will soon submit a build to Apple.

Again thanks

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That’s great news I’m glad I can help and looking forward to that update. Just a quick one as there’s some belts missing now from my current save would I have to restart my save for it to be Able to reappear or will the update make the belt reappear?

We think they will remake. Can you send us a screenshot as surprised they haven’t already.

Welterweight has one belt only
Bantamweight has 2 belts
Light heavyweight has 2 belts
Middleweight has 2 belts

Shit… This should fix that.
What week is that? 10000…:slight_smile:

Haha close I’m on week 798 now

We’ll do all we can to try and fix it with no new game!

Dude, you need to leave the house sometime soon :wink:

Haha tell me about it! Let’s just say I might be a big fan but the Mrs deffo isn’t!

Never used to happen but when I change weight, one of the rankings is always in 300/400 and others as should be are 1. Problem is I have to get my fighter all the way from rank 400 before I can challenge in the next weight. Happening a lot now I am over 500 weeks.

Also happens if my fighter loses the belt, he drops to 1 or 2 on two of the belts and 300/400 on the other, it’s becoming unplayable with some good fighters losing years trying to get back.

Below is my guy who lost the belt to 3/2/2 challenger and you can see where he is in ranks now.

Happening randomly as well. Now ranked 500 plus I can’t fight anyone as only low ranks who won’t fight.

It’s become unplayable for me unfortunately. I hope you get a fix soon. Until then I am too frustrated to continue my save. Keep me posted guys. Even if you get a fix, I can’t see how it will help my save with guys already ranked. Here’s hoping.

Hi Michael
Thats very weird its started to happen.
We have seen other instances of this and think we have fixed it.
Update on its way to Apple and waiting for approval. Current est. 24-72 hours.

We will keep this group posted on its progress through the vagaries of the Apple system.

In terms of whether it fixes this game, we’re trying to work out the logic of what happened here. Think we’ve got it.