New update - I like, but may have a bug

As an iPad user, just wanted to say how much I like the new GUI

Ran into a likely bug - booked a fight for one of my fighters (Sean Cooper) against Paul Robinson, but the initial screens came up with Paul Robinson has signed to fight Paul Robinson

The fight camp screen was all zeros on the left column, but when I went back in I could adjust and the values were as they should be…

However, despite Copper having Robinson as his next fight on his fighter card, and vice versa, the main home screen doesn’t have the green box with the number of weeks until the fight showing.

Another fight booked where it is not shown on the gym screen, but this didn’t have any issue with the fight camp - both Cooper & Higgins should show as being booked.

I booked the fights for French and McCaulay in between, so it’s not happening every time

We will take a look at this.
We are aware of the weeks to fight green indicator on the dashboard not updating in the week the fight is made but then appearing afterwards.

You’re right - after progressing a week the indicators were there.

I was worried that they might never fight, but seems to be simply a visual bug rather than a booking bug

Yeah we have it on the list to patch this week.