New update in the App Store today


Version 1.00.11 is now available in the App Store.

Details are below.

  • It’s our UK Devolution special: no more UK fighters as fighters now specifically come from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland fighters.
  • Rematches allowed for title fights (where contender is eligible in rankings)
  • Advance button usability improved
  • Reduction in number of fighters with high Punching Power
  • Fixed bug showing incorrect fighter age on Ranking screen
  • Fixed display issue when making new game with Game Center access point.
  • Data performance enhancement.
  • Improved display of new game text input boxes
  • Hotfixes updated.

As ever thanks to all for comments and enthusiasm,
BM Team


Hi IronMike, great news!
I see that the UK country thing doesn’t take effect on current fighters in previously saved stable. Will it take effect on new generated fighters on a previously saved game?

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Yes it will.

Existing games will see newly generated U.K. fighters assigned to one of the home nations.

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Something I think I’ve noticed is that if my champ wins, the rematch is available (and same for other champs vs whoever) but if I lose the title the rematch is never available?

Maybe it’s because you become unranked after losing a title until the next ranking update. Probably have to wait until you’re ranked again - I’ve not tested and tried this yet though