Next feature update or two

I like your idea with the boxer psych.

Thanks for your time in sending all of that over. Many very good ideas in there.

Once we’ve got this next bug fix release out of the way in next few days we’ll pull together a poll for much of this .Some great ideas and would love to see where other players (as well as us here) prioritise all the stuff we want to add. It gets added eventually. However, it’s to our mutual benefits we can all help decide the order in which it comes :slight_smile:

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I was thinking it would be good if the rankings were the same way as the old game where if you were ranked 200th in the world you were just 200th rather than being ranked by the three organisations until you got to say maybe 20th in the world then you could earn a world ranking with an organisation then that’s when you would split the rankings between the three world title organisations like in real life then say if decided to go down the route to fight for the gbc title if you win that then you open the door for a chance to unify with the other organisation like in real life

Thanks for the post and welcome.

That could well be the case once we add the regional titles to the game and thus increase the importance of the regional rankings.