Next feature update or two

As we are clear issues from the launch of BM we’re keen to hear from people what their most desired single feature update, big or small, but preferably on the smaller size (not a 2d/3d fight view just for the moment…)

We think we know what people are looking for but we’ve learnt never to assume that.

Just a single line will be good. We’ll hopefully grow the thread or open a poll with some of the ideas out there.


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I understand y’all trying to take the old school route, but I believe some great prospects should be keeping there “-0” until they start entering like the top 50 or 25, it will be more realistic

  1. More personality. The game becomes a little dull - almost like playing with numbers in a spreadsheet. Fighters need rivalries, preferences for certain trainers or opponents, ambitions, career goals, etc. Maybe even out of the ring news - such as prison sentences, celebrity chat show appearances etc. In the real world, boxing fans are fascinated by characters - not only statistics and fight records.
  2. What I have found frustrating is the “negotiations” - which are definitely not negotiations. As a boxing manager, I want to negotiate - more terms and opportunities to make offers/reject etc. Why aren’t managers of other boxers biting my hand off to get a deal with my world champion? I think negotiations need to be ‘two-way’ and more terms need to be included.
  3. An option would be useful to let the trainer make in-fight decisions (e.g. to switch style, go for knockout, etc.).
  4. I think the game is too easy. I have made lots of money and had world champions every time I have played it. I think an overhaul of the negotiation process when finding and agreeing fights (or responding to opponent’s offers) would help - as would the impact of personality differences among fighters (e.g. their career aims and preferences could shape how easy or difficult it is to get them to the top).

I think this game has massive potential - but could do well from taking inspiration from Football Manager Touch (a slimmed down version of Football Manager) - with regards to media, manager and personality features.

I hope the developers can continue working on it - I really like the idea of a boxing manager/tycoon game.


My wishlist

Split the UK up into separate countries.

Add an all time greats screen. And bring back PFP List.

Regional titles.

Adjust difficulty. It’s a bit easy at the moment.

Ability to create events as well as single fights. Could have the option of making the event PPV if a big title fight.

Agree it’s too easy.

We were going to ramp up the difficulties massively but did a poll on the FB group and found that people found it too hard!

We will almost certainly add a setting for this…
Too many fighters to sign to gym too soon in a career is a big result of this plus too much money in the game. We’d start there and make growing the stable and gyms an effort and a reward rather than a “right”.

We get a lot of stuff about realism and in particular the grittier ends of boxing. We’re all for total simulation, so fighters with issues, all the way down to serious ring injuries. Making a closer personal relationship with the “man” behind the fighter seems great however…
How do people feel about that?


Would agree on where to take inspiration from and FM Touch remains the thing to aim at and emulate in many ways. We have a person in the team who worked on CM2/CM3 and who remained in touch still the FM team particularly on the touch side. Over the years, they have offered and continue to do so, insight, review and comment. As we always say however, they’re nearly 30 years down the development line across the whole CM/FM series and we’re a mere 1/10th of that. That said we know the bar on which we will be measured.

Also we have learnt to be careful to not get sucked into making a boxing version of a football game. We also quite like some other games, in particular the new My Team part of the F1 2020 game is superb and we are massive fans of that. A lot of the contract negotiations improvements we’re designing are very much a hybrid of sports games we like. :slight_smile:

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Anything that would give the fighters more of a personality sounds great. Also like the idea someone made of having rivalry’s.

On difficulty, one other change I would make is tweaking the affects of moving from light heavyweight to heavyweight. At the moment any good light heavyweight can move up and win the HW title. This is obviously very rare in the real world. Although I don’t think the affects to stats should be as severe when moving up the lower weight classes. As this is obviously very common irl.

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Agree on the weight change. To be honest, with the eight weights only the weight change thing isn’t one of our favourite areas in the game.

Once we have all weight classes then weight and thus weight change should become a more significant part of game.

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To me the weight change was massive in adding longevity to the game. But yeah it could do with tweaking.

Have you thought about adding further key stats like height, weight and reach? Perhaps someone struggling to make weight would get better stats moving up. Height gets an advantage moving up the higher weights. That kind of thing.

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Ok, that’s interesting. Again from our side we think slowing down the rate that people sign fighters and make gyms does a lot of that. The game is too fast in progression. Wouldn’t happen in real life etc etc :slight_smile:
Yes physical stats are there. To make full use of them though we’d rather get the other weights in then the interchangeability is more part of play and to your first point more weights= weight changes = more playability for each fighter

I agree. Personally my favourite part of the game is the early parts as you improve your boxers, increase rankings, chase that first title.
I tend to lose interest a bit once I can buy any boxer. Everyone has their own way of playing, but I like to just have a small stable who I train from 0 fights to multiple weight champs.

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Thanks for the insight.

For us the game is, you start as nobody and there’s a hope you might be somebody. Becoming Don King with a whole division at your disposal etc should be possible but one time in 50 maybe once you know the game :wink: We will take it from the point of Boxing Manager that the game becomes slower, more deeper on each boxer in terms of a personal relationship and more contract stuff, PR and commercials. That and the other stuff we’re doing :slight_smile:

Sounds great. It’s already a fantastic game as it is. Love that you guys are so eager to work with the player base to make it even better.

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Won’t work if we don’t. We’re also keen to extend the base. More people playing means we can put more people to work and everyone gets more features and stuff at many times current speed.

At moment it’s waiting and fixing bugs before we move on however…

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Or putting stuff on here. Which I think we all here wish we’d done properly when we released WTBM. Would have been superb but we hope to make up for that lapse now.

No idea your figures but it deserves to have a huge player base. Best fighting management game Iv seen. I guess getting people to hear about it is key. Iv mentioned it a few times on the likes of reddit, twitter etc and surprised how few boxing fans knew about it.

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We need as many people who like the game to mention it where appropriate as much as is humanly possible… :wink:

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Will the negotiations be revamped? Currently, there is no negotiation - it is an ‘accept or don’t accept’ situation.

Not sure if there is a problem with my download, but I don’t receive offers.

It would be nice to have a more detailed negotiation phase (as in real life, the negotiations are probably based on more offers and terms). I want to receive offers (some of them linked to fighter rivalries or as a consequence of public / TV company demand).

It would be interesting if fighters have a natural weight and a tendency to stay in shape (or possibly lose fitness and put weight on) between fights. Some may need longer training plans or stricter coaches.

It would be interesting to also have occasional TV tournaments boxers can enter.

Since no real names are used in the game, some fighters could fail drug tests. This can also link to personality (e.g. you could use something like the big 5 personality model, adding less desirable traits such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy to that model). This could impact the behaviours of fighters, in the ring, outside the ring, and in training.

As mentioned, rivalries - from personality clashes, media arguments etc., would enhance box office numbers and help build a fighter’s fan base.