Next up and thanks

Apologies for our/my silence for past week or so.

I have been head down working on the next big feature in Ringside and thus by definition Boxing Manager as a whole as all of this stuff is trickling down into the main version.

We have a small update on venues coming in the next few days which with more venues (please do send any venue suggestions to @charlesbm

We will also start to share details of the next big feature bump.

It’s thanks to Ringside subscribers that we’ve been able to accelerate a piece of work that we’ve been wanting to do for years. We hoped that this might take a year but find that we are a lot further ahead on this than we thought and whilst not going into any detail now I just personally want to say thanks to all our players but in particular those who go the extra mile and support us with a Ringside subscription.

We cannot wait to bring you details of this massive new feature to the game, to my mind and I’ve been doing this for years now, the biggest ever.

More soon but thanks.
Alex/Iron Mike