No better time to sign up for our beta group with unifications in our new beta

Here’s what we have written as we update to version 1.00.05 in our beta group on TestFlight…

Sign up now via the link in the other topic…

it’s safe to say that the team here have rarely been as excited about how this version of the game plays…

this is close to one of our favourite builds yet of BM or WTBM.

Lots not working but it plays so well (especially as a new game).

This is our next version with the world titles working nicely, unifications, titles splitting and so forth.
We have loads of balancing to do to make this good but thought it worth sharing as it does play well. We can almost guarantee that it won’;t mess with your game file. It’s that much fun…

  • Title unifications are now back and better than ever. Any of the combos of the three titles can and will unify including to a coveted undisputed three title unification. Unified titles now also break up/split when the title organisations don’t agree on the challengers over a prolonged period.
  • World title fight eligibility modified. Top two ranked fighters eligible for GBC title shot, top three ranked eligible for GBA sot and top five ranked fighters for GBF.
  • Training now set to balanced by default for all fighters.

Changes sound great. Does the latest Beta just update automatically on your device or do you need an invitation for each new build?

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It will come over automatically provided you have TestFlight.
Beta should be approved later today.


When should this be out on App Store

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When we are happy with it… couple of things we’d like to fix. Next week sometime though!

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A couple of thoughts on the Beta. I really like the fact that champions have to now fight better boxers. Makes it a lot harder to have long reigns. However, this also results in your boxers being more likely to lose their titles and you being stuck with massive contracts. (Have title fight earnings also been adjusted, they seem bigger?). It was always a thing with heavyweights but it seems to be a lot more harsh for other weights.

Could there perhaps be an option to buy out a contract? Or for the contact to be adjusted when the fighter loses his title.

Otherwise I think the changes are great. It’s really nice to see unifications etc go on in the background. Feels more like a proper living game world.


Hi we are looking at this at the moment.

Opinion here is divided on the fighters contractual rights/obligations.


And no we haven’t touched any financial stuff!!

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The way I see it, your fighter demands more money than contracted for when he travels up the rankings. So he should probably take a cut as he drops. I imagine this is closer to how it works in real life. If you have a fighter with 6 fights left when he loses his belt it can cost you huge amounts.

Will add that this is not so much a problem later in the game. But in the first couple of years it can be almost game breaking if your stuck with a former champ on a crazy contract.

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The way I see it, you want to build a sustainable stable so if you only have x amount of money in the bank, why would you put such a significant proportion of that into just one fighter.

It’s like any business, risk vs reward plays a big part. I’ve had a save where I got up to over £2 billion in the bank after 400 weeks. Work out how much a contract is worth (e.g 3mil per fight over 7 fights would be 21mil) and if you can’t afford to lose 21 million then your stable isn’t growing organically and you are rushing to sign names that are too big.

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I actually agree to an extent. You 100% should look at potential losses etc. But when you sign a fighter he is initially on nowhere near the money he makes as a champion. Once he wins a title you have no option other than to accept his new contract demands. Lose his next fight and you are suddenly left with a huge contract you didn’t initially sign him on.

As I said, this has very little affect later in the game. But if this happens in your first couple of years you are pretty much snookered. As you can’t afford to have him fight, but would
also go bankrupt if you get sued.

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And to be honest I don’t really need advise on how to manage my stables. Have put a crazy amount of hrs into this game so know how to balance it all out. However this is about the beta so I’m pointing out a potential problem for new players (I always start a new game with each build).

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The contract negotiations are currently simplistic and don’t offer enough options. If contract negotiations were more detailed, it would be possible to offer bonuses and a whole range of terms relating to winning/losing titles.

It would be nice to be able to buy out a fighter’s contract if you want rid of them. Likewise, when a fighter wants more money and I don’t want to pay it - the boxer could buy themselves out of the contract if they really want to (maintaining a good relationship might make them more negotiable). Options are limited and the boxer seems to get what he wants - despite signing a contract and being offered fights. If the boxer refuses to fight and wants more money I’d like to have more options to offer.

Currently there isn’t enough negotiation in the game. It’s a very simple system currently - not many options.

That said, it’s all going in the right direction.

(A rematch clause in bigger fights would be nice).


Agree with all of that. It’s one area that does need a bit of work. End of the day, it seems we are all after realism. It’s ludicrous to think that Joshua for example would continue to fight for the same money if he lost his belts. It’s very much a fight to fight basis for most boxers.


Thats a fair point.

As with most things in the game the direction of travel is ever increasing “realism” and the area of negotiations and contract details are on the v near horizon, (we might even put up a little poll once we get the beta version out of the door to get a sense of people’s current game priorities).

The current contract is limited and unchanged for many versions and years of us trying to make the game and still represents more of a trading element to the game than "reality’.

We always find that as soon as we finish the thing that people want, the next big thing/update/enhancement/feature becomes obvious/apparent to everyone who plays the game near simultaneously…


I don’t think the contract thing was such a major issue before to be honest. I just think that the increased chance of now losing a title (Iv found most titles fights are now 50/50. Which is great), has highlighted the issue with it. Previously if I had a champion with a long contract I would have given him easier fights until the last cpl of fights on the contact. That way I wouldn’t lose too much if he lost.

With the new beta, you have to be very careful even taking a title fight in your first couple of years. As you could be left with a 50/50 title fight which could bankrupt you if you lose. Unless this is intended of course. It does provide a greater risk to the game. But that is affectively game over as you can’t afford to renew contacts or sign anyone.

People will only likely notice this if they have started a new game. As what difference is losing 15M a fight when you have 100s of millions.

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Those are very fair points.

We are so glad that all that gameplay knowledge is now being shared and stored via this community.

Always interested to hear what others have to say on the contracts and how this can be used.

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I’m currently sitting furloughed from work so have way too much time to sit and think about it :joy:.

Yeah be good to hear others thoughts. If the majority like it the way it is then all good :sunglasses:

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