Poll: Game funds at start of game. What do you think?

Later this week we hope to introduce of the more profound changes to how the game works when we create the option to play as Sandbox or Real in terms of who managers can sign to their stables.

Once other thing that’s always of interest here is around the starting amount of money available to managers. One option we’re currently modelling is to also significantly reduce the starting capital in the “real” mode. Sandbox will remain as is and possibly allow any amount.

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  • $100-250K
  • $250-500K
  • $500-1M
  • Stay at $1m
  • More than $1

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Keeping at $1m is fair. I just think we need to change the algorithm slightly that you can’t get top boxers until after the first year. It is too easy to get a top 10 boxer after just a few weeks, once you get one top 10 boxer, then you pretty much can get top ranked fighters at will.

Seems starting with 1 million is popular. That’s a lot of money. You can set up a very good gym and still have 1/2 million left.

Starting with a small amount and then having a bank loan option (with interest payments) might be good. Pay back the loan as you build the gym’s reputation.

Yes but interestingly less than a majority.

We have no plans to change but when the new game mode kicks in we expect that mode to have a very different dynamic. Much more fun in our opinion as well as harder and considerably more rewarding. Be great once we have all the leaderboards back in including the weekly ones :wink:

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The algorithm will be changing (has already changed in our version) so that you’ll need to have developed your own fighters to the top of the game before any others (already at that stage of their careers) will consider joining you.

Not sure about others but as soon as I start a new game I upgrade my gym (both size and facilities) which leaves me with 120k. I like just developing my young boxers though so that is more than enough. So I personally think £1M is probably a bit too much, but I understand people would prefer it if they play differently from myself.

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I think 1 million makes things too easy currently.

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A compromise could be just giving a choice when you start the game (1m, 500k and 100k for example).

I find money pretty pointless anyway (until your heavyweight loses his title :slightly_smiling_face:) We could do with more things to spend money on. Promotion, specific upgrades inside you gym etc. Perhaps even build an arena for when your mega rich (for when arena’s & locations etc are brought into the game). Damn, there is so much which can make this amazing game even better.

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We think. (hope) that the next update will provide a big reset to many players strategies. Whilst the game has moved on massively from WTBM, the general scenario hasn’t. Next update will change that, although for those who want more of the same they’ll be able to do so. We are very keen that the game shifts from being about signing fighters to developing, growing and living each fighter’s career…
We also have a few surprises coming up over next few months…

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The next update sounds like the best one yet to me. Think it’s great that you are giving players a choice though. When we likely to get beta for that?

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Choice is probably a strong word for it :slight_smile:
The best thing about BM etc is that it is largely obvious to all concerned what needs doing next…

Next round of playtesting is imminent. Build with Apple to approve for TestFlight according to developers.


Thanks to everyone for their vote here.

What we will look at doing is making this part of the new game mode option we will create. Again, the existing game mode and rules on signing fighters and starting funds will be preserved.

However in the new game mode with more restrictive\realistic manager reputation growth we will also look to start with the lower amount voted on here by nearly a third.

Just to let you know, the unification matches for heavyweights is pretty outrageous as I am now profiting $3.6b a match and it is growing each time. Granted, my boxer has been the champ for over 10 years and has 31 successful defenses. I am over $70b in total earnings.

In fairness it is around the year 2050 so inflation… :joy:

Iv never got near that kind of year in my game. Always get a bit bored once Iv conquered all and start a new game. Your hall of fame would look amazing once that feature is added.

Damn bro How you get a good game like that I ain’t never been able to have that many gyms or champions.

Having an undisputed Heavyweight champ makes you Crazy money. I made a Billion pretty quickly when I had one. Then you can open all the gyms and buy all the fighters your want.

Yea but I can never seem to get a good fighter it seems and seems like it’s take forever to develop a fighter when I play

Crazy sums but make sure you’re out of those contracts by the time 1.00.08 hits. It’ll be like the financial crash of 2008 x 1000 :wink:

All the same very impressive stuff in how you’ve made that game. Going to be fascinating watching how you build a stable in the new version and scenarios we are building.

Actually that’s not true, the finances for existing games will stay untouched its only new games that will have the more realistic finances.