No fights available

So My fighter currently has 3 out of the 4 belts but the fourth belt just won’t come up for availability? Also, no fights at all come up which leads to the fighter moaning that he’s not fighting. Any ideas?

Drop the WBC. It’s the stingiest about its ranked contenders getting shots. Check the “Titles” section on the main page, go to Lightweight, and see who can fight for each title. That’ll give you an idea of whether or not to drop a title/how long until a contender will be available.

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Our big new update in new year will have these title rankings configurable… :wink:

Does this mean we will be able to edit the minimum ranking required to fight for the individual belts? If so, that is a very welcome addition.

Yes that’ll be great. It will allow for a longer run as unified champs, as opposed to the constant need to vacate belts and re-gain them over and over again. More realism, in that way.

We will give more details when we get closer to the release but it provides an element of control but still not very realistic in terms of what we’re after.

We may offer the alternative of pure voluntary/mandatory and ranking eligibility as well if we can make good progress on the other elements of this version which are somewhat large in their implications :wink:

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I kind of like it the way it is. I think it works really well in creating a realistic environment. Personally I probably wouldn’t even adjust it if the option was there. But I do get it properly upsets some :rofl:

I’d change it to top 5 in all divisions. Straight across the board. Simpler to remember

Yeah that would work too in fairness.

We like the variation in approach between each organisation but that seems a healthy compromise or at least new game option…