No interested fighters

Not sure if this is a bug with the app but the last 6 games I’ve started I can’t attract any interested fighters at all despite having 2 world champs in my camp.

Any ideas?

I can’t sign anyone or fight anyone, I love this game but I have to say since the update I’m very disappointed :disappointed:

I’m not experiencing any issues with this. Still getting offered rookie boxers every 4 weeks as per usual.

Same hear no Intrested fighters at all

I case it’s helpful at all, here is a screenshot of my interested fighters. This is typical of every 4 weeks. Are you guys seeing no one listed here at all? This is early in my game, I have only got one champion at the moment.

I don’t get that just have a constant empty list

Wow, that definitely looks like a bug then. I’m sure the devs will look into it for you.

We are on it.

Its a weird one.

Geoff can you post an image of the gym in question?

We believe we’ve found the issue in that this seems to relate to games in Sandbox mode where UK gyms are not displaying fighters from the “home nations”.

Games should function as usual thereafter.

We are testing this and will patch to Apple later today.

I forgot there was even a sandbox mode. Don’t think Iv ever even selected it once.

A dev might just have said that as part of our investigations…! :wink:

Haha, “what sandbox mode!?”!?

This issue is now closed and fixed as of v1.00.12