No Lomo coverage and Adam Smith, boxing's total dick: Part 8728

There’s much to loathe Adam Smith for.
Being world’s most hysterically shit boxing commentator ought to be the only thing however…

That he also buys Sky’s fights (as their head of boxing) and (together the equally culpable BT Sport) didn’t pay for the Lomochenko/Lopez fight is just the limit.

Ok, there’s PPV etc etc but we at least hoped this cockwomble might have saved some of his budget from falling into Matchroom’s bottomless pit of average fare in favour of showing one decent fucking fight during these times…

Just one fight that’s all we wanted.

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It’s on FITE TV app and I think it’s only a tenner as well!

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Yeah. But not where we are this weekend…so it goes…

Ah no way do you want me to Dm you a link to watch it on your phone see if that works??

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Thanks but we will work out a way :wink:
Very kind offer though:)

Agree. Booth is so much in Eddie Hearns pocket that I think he forgets there is other boxing out there.

Also sure you know but Crackstreams will be perfect for watching the fight… any fight in fact lol.

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Shocking U.K. fare last night. Then saw this…!

The image is a wee bit misleading as if you look at the footage it was less than a second. But he shouldn’t have have a phone anywhere near the ring. And he has been giving dreadful scores for years. He needs investigated for sure.

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