No more fights after winning title

I have had this happen before but I have won a title and suddenly I don’t have anybody to fight. Any way around this?

Just keep going. It usually takes my champs a while before they start threatening to leave. I’ve had good luck with someone eventually being able to challenge for a championship. If nobody qualifies or everyone has a fight or is hurt you’ll have to wait for the fight to come available.

Check the rankings, because he has multiple belts, the only opponents he can fight have to be ranked in all the relevant organisations. If you don’t want to weight around then vacate some belts.

To qualify to fight for belts you have to be place:

WBC - Top 2
WBA - Top 3
IBF - Top 5
WBO - Top 7

I’m not sure how accurate that is but it’s roughly similar, much easier to find opponents if you are only the WBO or IBF Champion.

If my guy has all 4 belts, then he should be able to fight tha guy who has qualified in only one division, sat wba rank 2 or 3 , and only my wba belt is at stake.

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