No title Match?

That’s why I mentioned it could be random choice if AI is available and willing to take the match. Should you have two champions then the option to fight should be there anyway, as long as different stable.

You don’t have to choose to unify in that instance I guess. That would be down to the user.

I hear you, but random has the ability to get out of hand in either direction. Would have to have some kind of weighting behind it.

But like I say, I really think we are discussing a non issue anyway. It’s not like it’s hard to get a title fight. It just takes longer for some boxers, as it should. Again, just my opinion man, you may feel different :sunglasses:

If someone wants to frame the question then please feel to make a poll.

Always great to actually see where the opinion lies in these matters :slight_smile:

I’ve had mixed results. Usually its really easy to get unifications fights in the lower weight classes. I’ve also had situations where im waiting months on end being ranked 1 in every sanctioning body and still not getting at least one title fight lol.

But see I think that’s good haha. I like that some boxers have to wait for ages for a title fight. Makes it so much more realistic. Look at Dillian Whyte. No 1 ranking for years and no title shot. Boxing is a shit show irl and the game does a great job of replicating it at times lol.

I think what we do need is more rigidly enforced rankings within the top ten. That would help tremendously in getting that title fight. I hate being top ranked, waiting for that title shot only to be bounced in the rankings by the time the new rankings are published. Also, to get in the top ten you should have to win against someone in the top ten.

Just can’t agree with that im afraid. Just don’t think it’s hard at all to get a title shot. It used to be a lot easier in previous versions. And many just found the game too easy. You would have loads of champions too quickly. For me the game does a good job at mimicking the chaotic real world of boxing.

I have had a few fighters who have had 30+ fights before becoming champions. I don’t mind it at all. If anything it keeps me playing the game more. In general though it’s not a massive challenge getting a belt and unification is far too easy.

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Patiently waiting

Just sayin’

Just to put it into context Ken Norton had nearly 30 fights before title shot, hagler had 30 + fights, James Toney 25+ fights, Dillian whyte 30 fights and wbc no 1 for over 3 years. These things happen. Maybe the creators could make it easier to win belts in easy mode and then it will keep everyone happy.

Yeah that’s a good shout actually re the easy mode. As there will always be a split between those that want an easier game and those that prefer a challenge.

You should have your shot there now with being ranked 1 in all feds. Is the current champion injured or does he have a fight planned?

By the way, a defeat will naturally set you back in your quest for a title fight. With 2 defeats and a draw, I would expect it to take a while for a shot.

Also a little bit of advise. A champ won’t take a title fight the week after a fight or the week after recovering from an injury. If you think you may be eligible then forward a week and check again. Quite often the fight will be available.

You can always go to the rankings and check to see whats going on with the champ. Just saying, it helped me a ton. I would wait and see the champ is in camp for 7 + weeks plus injury. So I carefully plan a “stay busy” fight waiting.


This is good advice. I always try and plan around the champs when in contention. Take fights that will see you both available at the same time etc.

This is exactly the way to play it.