No title Match?

You should be able to fight Omar if he is not injured or has a fight scheduled. You will need to hold ranking position on all the other federations for the undisputed fight.

Unless your boxer is Omar of course. Then it’s not guaranteed. The champ may be waiting for the undisputed fight. Your other ranking positions are bad so you may need to improve them.

Yes, that’s the thing. Champions are often holding out for unifications. Unifications happen too frequently in general which is why I think we need mandatory contenders. It can be quite frustrating waiting for that title shot.

I hear you man. One thing though, mandatories could also make it more difficult to get a title shot. As others in the game world would also have mandatories. It would be harder to get that no 1 position.

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This is what happens without major fudging of the mandatories.

Yeah I don’t think it’s that straight forward. And then you will also get people complaining because they can’t unify due to mandatories.

We play tested this for a month and massively frustrating gameplay. Really annoying. Endless waiting for mandatories. Did reduce unifications though.
Which is actually what the issue is. Less unifying fights means less of these situations in the first place…

Yeah that’s totally what I would have envisaged happening. Less unifications would be good though.

Yes it would and probably the answer.

I can see how mandatories creates some issues. Maybe we don’t need to go that route if the code could be tweaked. Here are just some ideas off the top of my head. Could create other issues obviously.

Champs can defend against anyone ranked 1-10

Tweak the code for AI, less unifying.

Tweak the code for AI, more likely to defend against higher ranked opponent.

Once unified, the AI gives up all belts save for one.

To be ranked in top ten you need to beat a top ten ranked contender.

Fighters ranked number 1 remains 1 until beaten or doesn’t have a fight in 26 weeks.

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So right now the Heavyweight titles are not unified per my screenshot, so theoretically if I meet the critical for a heavyweight belt I SHOULD get a title shot however it’s not guaranteed? That sound about right?

I wouldn’t even say should to be honest. It’s probably more the case that it’s possible you can get a title shot. But if your ranked 1 in WBC for example, but have terrible rankings with the others, it’s unlikely. Your not a great draw and the champ will be wanting a bigger fight.

The only way to really be guaranteed a shot is to be ranked 1,1,1 & 1.

No, there’s no should.

The choice is with the champion to make the fight. Each defence is, within title ranking qualification, voluntary so entirely at champ’s discretion.


I think that if you could set it so the holder of WBC for example, is not ranked in the IBF,WBA,Wbo that would clear out some slots for more opponents holding those belts.

WBC belt holder should then be always available to be selected as a fight option for the other belt holders should the wbc fighter have a desire to unify, obviously this would be random choice if AI.

Hope that makes sense.

I always drop WBC as only can fight rank 1 and 2 these are usually taken by my other player controlled wba, ibf etc champions who I don’t want to fight or can’t fight as they are same gym. I think un ranking champions from other organisations would be a way around it.

Not sure if that can be achieved in the coding but it’s a thought at least :joy:.

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Only problem I can see with this is that it is your ranking in the other feds that determines if you can get a unification fight or not. I don’t like the idea of any belt holder being able to unify whenever they want. There are too many unifications in the game world as it is.

Just my opinion but I don’t really think there is much issue with the current mechanics for getting a title shot. It’s generally pretty easy to get a shot.

You only really notice not getting the shot when you don’t have a champion yet. But if your patient and your boxer is good enough then they will always get a shot eventually.

Sometimes it’s in 15 fights sometimes it’s 35. But that’s boxing. It would be too unrealistic if there was very specific and guaranteed guidelines for getting the shot.

My only gripe is that there are too many unifications. There tends to be way more undisputed champs than in the real world.

It can all be achieved coding:)

We are as ever looking at this and modelling various options to see what happens. As ever the devil is always in the detail. Unranking is one good option among many.

Forget the number exactly but wasn’t it over 20 fights that Ali had to have to get a shot back at the title…

Yeah he had to wait a crazy amount of time. Marvin Hagler didn’t get a title shot until his 50th fight!