Noooooo! Fury v Usyk not happening :(

Totally gutting if wholly predictable that the Fury v Usyk fight is off.

Whilst a huge fan of Fury the pattern does appear to be (not sure obvs if actually the case) that it’s Fury that is the reason for fights such not happening but come on!!!

In other news we hope to have an update on what we’re up to next week :slight_smile:

I had a feeling that it would be called off with all of the extra provisions and changes that were coming into the picture as negotiations dragged on. Still have to wait on an undisputed heavyweight I guess lol

Yeah looked obvious and yet hoped it wouldn’t be.
The date looked all wrong from the start from my reckoning.

Would so love to be a fly on the wall inside these conversations :wink:

I have a feeling that Fury/ his team was the one to blame here. Usyk accepted 30% of the purse to make this happen.

Shame about Inoue, too. Hopefully the fight happens in the summer as hinted at.

No Fury/Usyk, no Inoue/Fulton. Tough for early 2023

This is the kind of bullshit that is slowly pushing the sport to the margins in favour of MMA etc etc. It’ll come again but this current period is a crap one :frowning:

Inoue-Fulton now on for July 25

But, as the sport has been, gain one positive, one negative comes with it. Ortiz-Stanionis has been postponed (again) with Ortiz sustaining an injury in camp.

We can’t have nice things