Not able to sign fighters

I’ve got some gyms where I can’t sign fighters from top 100 fighters even though it’s a title winning gym and very experienced and since the updates it hasn’t been good to sign fighters

Hi Oliver,

Having a title winner doesn’t guarantee anything. The routine looks at overall composition of fighters to determine. Equally the game is skewed towards developing talent rather than picking up existing fighters. As with most things in the game we try to make the probabilities and weighting match what we believe/calculate happens in real life…

What country are the gyms?

Knowing your requests of the past you’re going to (hopefully) love what’s coming in next couple of releases :wink:

BM Team

Okay great will the regional titles be soon

It’s the only thing we are currently working on :slight_smile: So hopefully yes…!

Great just to add to the first thing in my opinion I think you should be able to sign top fighters it happens in the real world so I think it should happen in the game

You used to be able to sign anyone but I believe they removed it as the game was far too easy. That used to be the biggest complaint on here. Perhaps re-introducing that into the easier mode may be a good compromise.

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It is marginally easier in the sandbox but that’s a good idea.

We think it should be possible for sure. Just not a right. Where the threshold is as ever is the trick in making the game playable but realistic.