Not getting a shot

For those players who think it’s just them that don’t get the shot at the title they deserve.

How about this guy? 44-0-1 before he gets his first sniff of a title fight! So cool:)

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Is this the pc version of the game or a sneak peak at the regionals with that 4th ranking SAmer :eyes:

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Definitely iOS and yes part of the regionals being introduced. :slight_smile:

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This is where boxing is pretty unique compared to other sports. The great Marvin Hagler didn’t win a world title until his 54th fight. Whilst his rival Sugar Ray won it in his 26th. I love the fact the game has that random element to it. In early versions of the game you were normally guaranteed a title shot in your 18th or so fight. Was too easy and unrealistic.

I’m having one like that right now, I’d do anything he’s beaten plenty of former champs :joy::sweat_smile:

It happens to us all.

Been playing with this guy. Even though had managed to fast track him into the Top 10 I was convinced/became paranoid his lack of getting a shot was a bug (checked it wasn’t). Then the champ gave him a chance and the rest was/is boxing history :slight_smile:

In short. There’s no guaranteed/mandatory right to a title shot (yet) and you should have to wait and maybe wait a while before a champ will decide to fight your guy. However much you might feel he deserves a shot its not your choice :wink:

He got his shot in the end, and look at him flourish now!

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That’s a lot of money you’re making there :wink:

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