Not getting good trainers

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but once my gyms get over 500 fights in I can’t find any good trainers check all the time my top gym which has over 1000 fights in hundreds of title fights and the top trainers have a lot of red areas. Wish I could by a amazing trainer with the 1 billion I have lol.

Nothing worse than starting a fresh game, finding a brilliant youth, then looking at trainers and you have got a bad selection of trainers.
It’s been mentioned a bit in past and I would be very surprised if b.m team weren’t looking into this.
Not 100% but am pretty sure when you get further in game and boxers retire some of them become trainers? It’s was definitely mentioned but can’t remember if it made it to game. Am sure someone on here will be on week 2000 and know the answer. Haha.

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I’ve had one former fighter retire and become a coach. Former 4 division champ, 42-5-2 record.

He was the worst coach I could have hired

Yeah they do retire and become trainers if an option on their health screen. I don’t know if they do it automatically if you don’t force it. I had to trigger it when the retirement button became available. Not sure if you release the boxer and they retire outside your stable they become automatic trainers if that was a goal of theirs.

But yeah it’s totally random and not ideal to wait 10-15 years to get a good trainer in hopes your retired boxer will be good haha.

Iron Mike did mention they are making some changes to trainers in a response to a post of mine about a week ago, so I’m assuming we will see this in the big update coming up

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I normally just start a new game if there are no decent trainers at the beginning. Trainers should definitely improve as the game goes along. Think this is something being looked into.