Number of rounds

Could we have 4 or 6 rounders for boxers who just starting out? More realistic I think as very few boxers start their careers doing 8 rounders

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What’s your proposal Rob?

We are looking at this at the moment to fix the bug in the new beta :wink:

Sure we remember from WTBM we changed it as we never quite solved how to fix the greater number of draws we were seeing (without making a wholly different scoring system…)

Start off on 4 rounders, then progress to 6 rounds, 8 rounds, etc.

Maybe link it to stamina/fitness? Once stamina is a certain level you can either move the fighter up a level or the game does it automatically for you?

4 rounds would be terrible in my opinion. Turns the fight into a bit of a lottery. Was it not 4 rounds in the first version of the game? Or perhaps 6. But you used to lose so many stupid fights early in a career.

Honestly 4 rounds would be a horrible addition. Anyone that played the older game will know what I’m saying.

I was so pleased when you changed it to 8 rounds. Be gutted if you brought that back to be honest. If it ain’t broke…

4 rounds isn’t good. Amount of fights I have were first 2 rounds I get schooled. End up with boxers with as many draws as wins in first few fights.

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You used to play the old version as well mate eh? Was horrible with short rounds. Used to ruin so many great prospects records during those times. I honestly don’t think it’s an exaggeration that it would ruin the game if they reverted back.

Surely the best fighter will win more times than not whether 4 rounds, 6, 8 whatever?
You might get more decisions but the better fighter should win?
This was only a suggestion to make things more realistic by the way. 8 rounds for a debutant fighter is pretty rare.

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Hey I’m all for realism. Most of my suggestions are with that in mind. But what your suggesting used to already be in the game. And was changed because it simply didn’t work.

In the real world prospects are protected. Normally these fights are just decided by the ref. And the ‘home’ fighter will 99% of the time get the decision regardless how the fight goes.

With 4 round fights, just 2 dodgy rounds and that prospects record is tarnished before he has really got started. And this happened a lot in the previous version of the game.

Honestly not trying to be a dick, I would just hate for the game to revert back to this. Don’t stop suggesting ideas though man :sunglasses:

That is very true.
Just needs to reflect a different scoring “mentality”…:slight_smile:

I hammered previous game. Only reason I didn’t get this straight away was cos my phone was about 10 year old and apps stopped working on it.:joy: I think set up now is spot on. Nothing worse than your best young boxer getting a couple of draws early on.

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If short rounds were re-introduced you would just need to add an option where you can pay off the ref. To make it really realistic :joy:. Looking at you Terry O’Connor…

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Respect all opinions on here, we’re all adults and I suspect we all want the same thing, i.e. an enjoyable, fun game. And I realise it’s difficult to strike the balance between fun and realism in a game like this.

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Definitely mate. I actually totally get where your coming from, just in practice it didn’t really work. If I hadn’t played the previous game I would have likely suggested similar as well.

To be fair here Rob is 100% right here and the point is largely that we couldn’t get our scoring right at that point so changed it to eight rounders. :slight_smile:

So we will aim to get to a point of more realistic round numbers for rookies but also mitigating the problems that TT rightly mentions and which we agree totally solved the problem.

The next update has some major scoring changes in it (the first since WTBM) and once that beds down we will look to a/test reintroducing shorter fighters b/make it as cool as it has been since we went to 8 rounds minimum.

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If that’s the route you go down I really hope you manage to get the balance right here. I found the early parts of the previous game a real slog until you got past those ‘lottery’ rounds. When in reality these should be pretty much guaranteed wins.

There are already complaint posts about fighters losing their unbeaten records to poor boxers. I can see phones getting broken :joy::joy:

Totally agree but the problem was more on our side. Those fights should as you say (and will be if we do it again) guaranteed wins. So yes we will look to try it again but if we do then guaranteed that they’ll be as guaranteed as they should be.

Anyway, lots of new stuff being added to the beta release which will keep people busy :wink:

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Nice one IM. It was yourself that changed it so I have no doubts if you switched back it will be because it’s working right :sunglasses:

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Ha! We’d hope so!!!

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