Ok. here's an update for the end of the year and some more info :)

Boxing Manager Update FAQ November 2023


We have releasing a new companion version to the Boxing Manager game series, titled “Boxing Manager Ringside.

Listening to the feedback from our survey earlier this year we’re happy to offer early access to many new features we’ve been developing whilst being able to maintain a free main version of the game.

The best features will continue to make their way into the full Boxing Manager game once tested and evolved in Ringside.

You can download it here.

Is this “Boxing Manager 2”?

No, it is not. It was initially intended to be but, working with many of our longstanding players, over a period of time it has evolved into an early access, testing and feature-preview version.

Features such as “Amateurs” were first developed in Ringside development before being integrated into the main game.

Working this way allows us to regularly introduce substantial feature updates to Boxing Manager while maintaining the core game experience.

Crucially it also enables players who wish to support us further to get involved in our development cycle by playing the Ringside version and thus helping us accelerate and improve our game development.

We’ve opted for a subscription model for Ringside to facilitate early access for eager players, while continuing to offer the main game free, with now with more frequent updates, whilst continuing to provide uninterrupted, ad-free gaming experience. There is also a trial for any one who wants to see what we’re doing without committing to supporting us through Ringside subscription.

What’s included in Boxing Manager Ringside currently?

In summary:

  • Promoter mode
  • Ability to create shows
  • Real-world, accurate, venue data and game-generated venue creation
  • Game-generated promoters who compete to sign fighters and promote the biggest shows
  • Fighter “Followers” integrated into a show ticketing, venue, and TV view engine
  • Show mode with automatic fights
  • Realistic and detailed financial engine for shows
  • More progressive game finances, including fighter contract percentages and show finances
  • Enhanced ranking system to improve fighter career progression and development
  • Improved model for fighter recruitment, including competition with other promoters for top talent
  • All weight classes included by default; no expansion pack needed
  • Improved UI and navigation
  • Early access to the majority of our biggest product features.

Are game saves swappable between Boxing Manager and BM Ringside?

No they are not.

How often will updates to the usual Boxing Manager app occur?

This new approach should significantly increase the frequency and enhance the quality of features for all game versions and platforms.

We now aim for a regular feature release cycle for all our products, resulting in more frequent and substantial updates and improvements than currently provided. We also aim to be more transparent in what’s coming up as well as allowing players the ability to influence our roadmap.

So what else are we working on?

  • Boxing Manager (iOS and Android): Title and ranking update, total realism is the name of the game with voluntary and mandatory rematches, more titles, and progressive rankings. Feature migration from Ringside tbd.

  • BM Ringside: Early access to new features, expanded show and promotion features, promoter interactions, and extended fighter approaches. Title and rankings update (as mentioned above), native iPad version, and player voting on the next major updates. Real world data incorporation.

  • Boxing Manager (Windows): In development Considering a Kickstarter campaign to accelerate the launch.

  • Untitled (MMA Manager) (initially for iOS): In development. Also considering a Kickstarter campaign to speed up the launch.


When will the Boxing Manager (iOS and Android)*** : Title and ranking update, total realism is the name of the game with voluntary and mandatory rematches, more titles, and progressive rankings. Feature migration from Ringside tbd be coming out

We are working on the titles and rankings now.
No dates.

What other titles will we get in the game with the update

At the moment we are dealing with this release. We will update more on the update after this one when we get closer.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can we like add the titles ourselves so like you have a button and you can just add a title to all of the weight division and you can give it the name and call it what you want

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So when can we expect the venue/card update on the main game?

Just downloaded and have installed, hoped for potentially 2-3 day or even at a push a week free subscribe possibility to have been able to get a feel for the model and feel of version, will have to wait til payday im skint atm haha times are hard in the uk, i think one off purchase still beats recurring billing subscription though with in game purchase options being the best way to support (I was a one off purchase of the original version when first released before became free, before I had any history with your projects. I paid because it was top to bottom everything my gaming personality craves in a game in the description, few games even meet that criteria and barely any actually become a game that meets my hope in finding a 90’s style championship manager level of time burnt but this game got better with age and now I know you as a developer, I know the detail and depth of customer feedback being implemented into every other update. You’ve got my number, but times are hard lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: one off purchase feels like championship manager in the 90’s

Is there a reason there is still no Jr Fly division?

Sounds exciting, but I won’t be seeing what it’s like - I don’t do subscription games.

Happy to pay a one off fee for BM2 as it looks like a lot of work has gone into this, but not a monthly charge

When will there be a bm ringside for android?

Hi, when there is sufficient demand from players to warrant it. We as ever are led by players in this respect.

It’s not free it’s charging me

Any plans on perhaps letting promoters promote shows outside of their city HQ? Have a fighter with 20m followers and the biggest arena we can do a show is 30k when he is projected over 100,000 tickets. But I can’t do anything bigger with him which is a little deflating. Unless I’m doing something wrong. Loving the game though.

Yes we’re going to update this. Just a question of refining those game rules a little :slight_smile:

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It’s coming. It’s never been in there! We missed it out (for reasons unknown) when moving from 8 to 16 weights. Been waiting to update the title and rankings codes again to allow for a good opportunity to add.

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Sounds good! I hope you update the ranking codes so that you are able to defend your title against anyone in the top ten, regardless if it’s WBC or WBO. Right now I find it quite annoying to hold the WBC or WBA belts due to the limited number of contenders my fighter can defend against.

The whole title system is being rewritten so as to be as realistic as is possible which may mean, given the way the WBC operate, that it might actually be harder :slight_smile:
What it will be is clearer for those making title fights.

The MMA manager is extremely interesting and I hope you do it.