Ok seriously is he ever gonna get a shot at the title?

Can’t lie it’s getting a little annoying.

He’s fighting the best talent available too

He isn’t eligible for a title shot with any of the federations. You need to be ranked in the top 2, 3, 5 and 7 in the order of your feds.

I can see he has been in the past. But it doesn’t guarantee a shot, unless you are ranked 1,1,1,1 really. It also depends on the champion, remember if he is unified you need to meet the ranking on all his belts.

It can be annoying, but it’s also very realistic. Look at Dillian Whyte. But he will get his shot eventually.

He might not!!! :slight_smile:

Oh I meant said fictional boxer, not Dillian :joy:

Although it looks like Dillian has pulled out of the Wallin fight to get that mandatory shot.

I don’t think the fictional fighter is guaranteed by any stretch to get a shot. Lots of guys will try and avoid him as those stats are a little too tasty for all but the most accomplished to want to risk a title shot against. (Just my opinion)

Wow go figure he got the title shot right after I posted this. Completely dominated his opponent too… I’ve never had a fighter with stats this good.


True. It’s very unusual to never get that shot though. The risk is alway that you get beat taking a risky fight while waiting. Like Dillian actually :joy: