Oldest and youngest champions for the records

Hi guys just a quick idea can you possibly put on the records the oldest and youngest champions at all ?

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Gone from featherweight to light heavyweight

That’s some shift in weight :joy::joy:. I hope a future update will render that impossible. Just a wee bit unrealistic :grin:

This current beta (1.01.09) should be this kind of change rendered almost impossible. :slight_smile:

Ha I actually realised that when I read the testing notes after I posted this. How bizarre :joy::joy:.

We haven’t made it impossible (we don’t think, obv v hard to test at huge scale) but the progression through weights is now not so straightforward. This is the first (we think) change to this code since we launched it!!

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We will add this to our list of stuff :slight_smile:

So how does weight change work now? Is the option just removed if the game doesn’t think the boxer merits the weight change? Or are stats penalised more? Iv just tried to change weight of a cpl of my champions and it worked as it did previously.

Will start a new game to test out these changes. Like the sound of them all.

The stats are penalised more in relation to each change and the starting weight of the fighter.
The functionality is unchanged.

That’s a great change :sunglasses:

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