Oldest Champion?

Anyone got an older champion than this?


I had one that was 51 when he was champion and did not retire until he was 52. Most of my champs are in their 40s. I think the algorithm needs to be changed so as a fighter starts approaching 40, his attributes deteriorate. Also, fighters for the most part should retire at the latest in their early 40s.

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Agreed. We have revised the retirement algorithm for the next version. These changes are in the current beta version and result in a slew of retirements in existing games as this kicks in.

As we extend our the rules and regs of each world title organisation we will start to implement bans, licence removals for fighters who repeatedly lose by KO and/or TKO.


Sounds like even more great updates to an already great game. Thanks for your dedication.


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Seems a bit too good for his age. Is there any age degradation?

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Yes there is!!! But clearly not enough… Never seen anything like that.
Another one for the check list for this release!!

Anyone else here seen someone as old as this guy?