One fighter challenge

Been playing all day for a one fighter Sunday challenge. One gym, one fighter.
The pain when it goes wrong is oddly intense.
Like WTF!?!

Mmm, when Iv played with just one boxer I want his chin to be 15/16 at least. Take it this mans was 13 before the knockout. Another knockout and he is pretty much done.

But yeah when your big hope loses its close to throwing your phone away huh :joy:

Yeah, I was trying to do it without endlessly making new game. Just one new game cycle, choose the guy regardless and see where I got to. Really thought it would work. His Chin started as a 5 so he’d been carefully picked but they all get found out in the end.

We’ve removed a lot of Punch Power OP as well…

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I don’t actually think the game is possible if you don’t get a good boxer to start with. Iv tried it a few times. You end up never making money and can’t sign anyone as you will lose money early in their contract.

I’m not sure how random the boxer selection is at the beginning. But Iv always thought it should always offer you a cpl of good boxers at least.

Definitely not possible to be successful without any talent. Guess the balance is being able to take a fighter with potential and grow it and fill in the gaps.

The choice of fighters at the start of the game is far superior/bigger choice than at most points in game until you make it big. Not so much random just extended to incorporate the better fighters.

One way around it would be for gyms to have amateurs coming through. Once a year or something. You could feasibly then start with poorish boxers in the hope that you have good amateurs appear. You would obviously need space in your gym. Just a thought.

Yeah it doesn’t normally take long to find a ‘good play through’. Though I’m a bit of a nightmare as I won’t start a new game without a decent Scot. That can take a while.