Option for champions to move up or down weights?

Love the game, been playing since the original game.

I was wondering if there is an option for champions to move down weight classes, instead of only being able to move up?. More so for heavyweights?.

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Big changes coming soon to weights. And moving up is definitely on the cards for all fighters. Not sure we are happy yet with the work we have done on moving down. But big weight news coming very soon :):slight_smile:

Thanks for the post.

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I like the idea of moving both up and down but think it should also be pretty strict. Not every boxer should be capable of this. And only the very best should be able to move up or down multiple weights in the current ‘classic weight’ era. Chin, power, punishment etc should be affected more than it is currently I would say.

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Also think a champion should be able to move up after he loses. Irl this is often the trigger for a boxer to move weight. Ranking position obviously wouldn’t be great compared to a champion moving up.


Awesome to hear! Can’t wait!
You guys have been killing it!!