Over 30: invisible glass jaw?

I’m getting a bit frustrated that, once boxers get to 30, they suddenly risk being knocked out by a single punch at any stage in the fight, no matter how it’s going or what their chin and on the canvas stats are.

It’s happened time and again that a top fighter has great stats, far better than his opponent, is winning the fight and then is ko’ed. Obviously it’s realistic that this sometimes happens, but it’s rare. In real life, boxers peak in their early 30s, but here they regularly become shot fighters overnight. Obviously once it starts happening, it gets worse and the chin stat begins to dive.

Is this a deliberate part of the game, to keep up a turnover of new and retiring boxers? I hate it when my champion, still at the top of his game and with near perfect stats becomes unusable straight away

I think it’s to do with the health of a fighter mate. I’ve had many in your situation and many who have taken minimal damage and can last after 30. Entirely based on their health mate.

I had Deontay Wilder 45-0(45) mostly stopping his opponents early and receiving hardly anything for his first 45 fights. I cherry picked him heavily till he was 33 and won his first world title. He went on for another 7 fights of absolute wars at the top level and he was done at 35, chin still 20 but his health said it was dangerous for him to carry on. I carried him on and he got KOed stiff by a guy with no power whatsoever.

My point is anyway, the health is a HUGE factor in a fighters durability especially late in their careers


There are many factors at play here but a big one is that we do NOT show the effects of ageing in fighter attributes. An ageing factor is applied at fight time according to number of fights, rounds fought, punishment taken. So yes there is an effect.

We are experimenting with “real time” ageing and will hopefully have this as an option at some point.