PC or Android discussion?

I saw there was a poll about porting this game over to PC or Android. Is this something that could possibly happen anytime soon? Im been searching for a good boxing sim and this one looks way more fun than some of the others ive tried on android. I just would hate to buy an Ipad and you folks release a version for PC or Android in the future. I also know a lot of people who would purchase this with me on android/pc. Any update?

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I would be all for a PC version although form my discussions with Alex I don’t think this is planned.

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Now that we are comfortable with the IPhone version we hope to have news on PC in the New Year, one way or another :slight_smile:
But don’t hold us to it until you read something formal…:slight_smile:

Great, ill be eager to wait for the news in the new year. Game looks incredible. You guys have done a great job with all the features. Can’t wait to play it

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We are keen to start the new year both with news and more importantly some new updates to the current game!!:slight_smile:

Very nice, ive been checking every other day or so eagerly awaiting any news or pictures I can see lol :smile: … can’t wait for any details on a PC release, especially since you all are doing historical databases too! That really makes me even more eager

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It’ll be sometime in January we hope but let’s see…
We never give dates…:slight_smile:

Still eagerly awaiting any info! Btw how are the historical databases coming along? The fact that you were doing that is just so interesting to me

We are working on (too) many things at moment hence slower than we would like to be.

Equally these are very difficult times for some elements of our work.

We hope to have news on many things during the next few weeks.

However are biggest priority is continuing to work on the regional titles, half of fame and databases.



Any sneak peak on the databases you had in mind?

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Alas not at the moment…

i am ready to buy it, hope it will be on steam also

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I agree i hope its for steam too! Either way ill get it for pc lol

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yes sir, it would get a good sales amount, they can start off with alpha/beta acces as early testing and make it bigger and bigger, everyone is looking for boxing manager/fighting games on pc

This is so true. A lot of people we’re complaining that we don’t have a new one for Pc on other forums ive seen. Seems like this would be the best one, its so fleshed out and with even more updates itll be very good.