PC version? How do I get it on PC like how the pop up says

I got a pop up that said if you have it paid on the phone already you can get the full game on pc too ? How do I log onto it like threw steam and get it back without paying since I already pay for it? Lol

No you didn’t:)

We don’t have a PC version.

We are looking at potentially doing one.

You must have miss read

I DID GET A POP UP about the PC version idk what you mean no I didn’t. I did lmao right when I updated it I see in then made this post to see what it said? Lol it said something about when it comes treat if you had paid for it already on phone you’d get it lol

You got a pop up explaining we might do a pc version via kickstarter that’s it.

Nothing in it about it being free if you paid 99p for the mobile game.

Still it won’t cost much if we do get round to making it.