Perhaps an idea

Just food for thought, how about introducing fight cards. I’m sure the community would have better ways to word this/add ideas.
Just a few ideas:

  • introduction of main event/main card/undercard
  • fight nights with several high profile fights boosting the value of undercard fighters/ increasing profits of big fights
  • locations, ie slight home advantage for those fighting in their country

These are just a couple off the top of my head, I’m sure the community could add more to this, or shut it down completely haha

I made a post for fight cards too, I’m pretty sure it’s something being added in the very near future mate! Will be a brilliant update

Would be great to see, anything that adds depth to the game is a plus in my opinion

Pretty sure IronMike has let slip that Fight Cards will be coming soon… :sunglasses:

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Fight cards, shows and venues are now in test.

I am off for a week’s holiday (hopefully) and when back will be looking to get this out to more players. :wink: More then…