Please help. Game crashes when trying to advance

I am on week 928. Using an iPhone XR. Game is crashing constantly when trying to advance to next week. Tried to restart phone and close all other apps etc. It has happened before many times and this usually sorts it. But not this time. Please help!!

UPDATE: I kept trying and it kept crashing. And eventually it went through to the next week. Like I said though it happens a lot and always when new rankings are published

Just a wee tip but when you are stuck in a crashing loop make sure your phone has plenty charge. Iv had this before and charging my phone sorted it.

Thanks I have done that also with success it’s just a consistent problem I’m finding. I do have 135 fighters and 13 gyms so that’s probably why

135 fighters!! That’s impressive! I don’t usually have more than 10.

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We have never been able to reproduce that. Very interesting

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Thanks man it gets tiring and I am trying to reduce as it’s time consuming but planning for world boxing domination as well!! Haha. Would love to have full control of all the belts. Kind of what I I’m trying to do to be honest. I have fighters at every weight and good prospects at every weight too. Again it’s a lot of work for 1 guy though.