Please read our house rules and community guidelines

Life can be frustrating at times.

Unexpected KOs, early stoppages, dodgy judges, money problems. These are all part and parcel of an accurate as well as fun boxing manager simulation and game.

Please remember to be civil on this forum whether to members of this community or those who help work on the game including moderators and admins on this community.

Please also bear in mind the following:

We LOVE constructive criticism and feedback. It’s how we continue making games that our players enjoy.
That means telling us what and how things can be improved not simply that it’s shit or rubbish etc.

Where you find a problem or bug let us know without aggression or anger. Doing so helps us find and get to the problem fast and importantly fix it without any additional hassle.

And if you find a bug Raise it in a Bug category and we’ll find it even quicker.

Be cool and don’t be rude We are a committed group of people, some of whom have given large portions of time to creating the game.
Insulting them in any way will simply result in those doing so being removed.
The site admins, moderators, game developers etc are all here to make the Boxing Manager game series the best we possibly can and with the assistance and enthusiasm of our community of players. We operate a two strikes and out policy without acceptation to any instances of rudeness etc

Iron Mike