Points decision…

From the data below what would you expect the decision to be after 12 rounds?

I’ll post the result after a few replies.

I was thinking it would be excellent to have judges and scorecards. Plus media or ex-fighter scorecards to get a sense of how the boxing public felt.

We’d say two rounds to Rzadkosz but lots of close of rounds. But we weren’t the judge and they all have various things they like.
At least four unclear rounds there.

But yes to showing round cards. We will do that when we release the judge personalities/characters :slight_smile: At present testing those with dynamic judges (ie generated fresh for every game world) or static ones (everyone gets the same 300 or so judges). Tending towards the latter at present.

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Out of curiosity which two rounds?

Currently are different stats weighted as more important in some fights, and less in others? I guess not all results are currently calculated the same for every fight?

2 3 7 9 maybe more depending on your judging pref. Maybe more. It’s definitely not a science we’re simulating here.

Punches landed are pretty important! Knockdowns more so. Then after that it’s what takes your fancy but even then punches landed in relation to meaningful aggression, good defences, clinching/holding (not shown). All of that plus the judge’s preference and the judge’s ability plus potential biases. Existing title holder etc. Lots in there.

This is a tough one, as professional boxing is not judged on punches landed like in amatuer’s. So it’s hard to look at that list and just say who would have won. Things like the aggressor, if the boxer was rocked etc come into play.

Like we say it’s judged on many criteria. it’s definitely not scored like amateur boxing just trying to illustrate the range of inputs of which landed punches is a vital component.

Iv said it before, but I think the scoring of fights is one of the best parts of the game. I would say over 95% of the time it’s right. But it still allows a margin for bad decisions. Which is a huge part of boxing irl and really adds realism.

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When close rounds then aggression and the play by play analysis of each judge comes into play with greater emphasis than in clearly won rounds. It’s an elaborate system and works out pretty well not least in providing the necessary contentious decisions. :):):slight_smile:

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It needs “bad” decisions…

As ever we can do more to give context as to why a decision is bad. Dodgy judging. Judging bias (fairly or otherwise), close/hard to score rounds.

It definitely does. These posts tend to only pop up when someone loses a big title fight. I get it, it can be annoying. But damn, that’s boxing. Ask GGG :joy:

Agree scorecards and judges will be a very cool addition. Especially if certain judges are known as being dodgy.

We had an absolute stinker on a decision last night that totally screwed with hours of fighter development. Real phone smashing moment and yet what to do…?:slight_smile:

It’s the worst when it’s early on in a great prospects career. Losing a dodgy one and his unbeaten record before he is even a champ :joy:.

Yeah 18-0, top 10 ranked heavyweight, the real thing. Etc etc.

Hate it when the game does that and yet love the realism. Tough sport :wink:

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My fighter (Thorley) won this…but I was surprised it went his way.

Can imagine 115-113 was one of the scores…? Looking again at that and can see lots of rounds with varying opinions possible.

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Ah. That’s pleasing to see :slight_smile:

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European title? Looks like a typical UK home result :joy:

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