POLL - Game Center, leaderboards and so on

Those that have taken the plunge and bought the new version may have noticed that, at the moment, we have not switched on the leaderboards yet. Have no fear they’re coming back.

We wanted to get feedback from players which of the leaderboards they actually checked or whether they even bothered checking them.

This poll will remain open as people slowly sign up to the forum. Please express your opinion if you have one.

  • Manager rating leaderboard
  • Betting P&L leaderboard
  • Current funds leaderboard
  • Title fights won leaderboard
  • Fights won leaderboard
  • Weeks played leaderboard
  • Other (please suggest)

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Update on leaderboards

Thanks to everyone who has voted here. We will continue to keep this open and encourage anyone who hasn’t to offer an opinion. Whatever the result is largely what we will go live with on the new leaderboards.
Given the massive changes that are coming to Game Center and leaderboards etc with iOS14 in the coming few weeks we will not release the new leaderboards until that time.
The new functionality of Access Point, new leaderboard functionality and MUCH better design and integration mean that we will release when that is publicly available.
The new Game Center functionality will also allow us to roll out many new features in the short term (and of course according to player demand) such as Achievements and (very possibly) some multi-player functionality.