Possible glitch or bugs

Hello. I have a problem in the game. Where it automatically removes my fighter after playing 10 or 18 fights. I think is a glitch or bug. I Play on Android

Hi thanks for that.

We aware of issues and are trying to replicate this problem. If you can help us find a pattern in this then please do let us know.

Otherwise we hope to fix this over the coming week.

Ah yes . There is a pattern .When the fight happens. It shows fighter type 1 and fighter type 2 and judges scores are all 100. And then it shows me the stable. And i see that my fighter is gone.

What week are you on and have you noticed anything else odd in the game having happened?

I am on Week 142. No thats the only problem i have in the game.

The devs are working to fix this and we will have a fix up this week

On Android just got the game I know it works played it on another device for the Android phone it’s doesn’t allow me to sign up any any fighters it just kicks me out and goes to my home screen any thoughts any advice thank you

We will pass that over to the Android guys to investigate.

Hey Can you send us more details, device type, game version, and a photo of the screen your having the issue on, also by chance does the issue only occur on a certain gym when signing fighters if so specify that also!

can’t leave match

what device are you on? reach out to me on discord please asap if your still experiencing this issue