Possible Improvements

Loving the game, if anything it’s a bit too addictive! Just a couple of suggestions for improvements (I’m sure they are already in the pipeline!):

  • the ability to filter potential new fighters. It would be great if you could filter the fighters to only view those with chin of 15+ for example. Selecting and viewing 30+ boxers individually to find one to sign is the only tedious part of the game at the moment
  • changes to who can can challenge for a title so there’s a bit more flexibility; mandatory challegers and the option for the champ to fight a few bums if no mandatory is in place
  • sponsorship
  • rather than a contract of an agreed fee per fight, an individual negotiation with your boxers before major fights especially.

Keep up the good work.


The first bulletpoint is something I agree with going through each fighter is so annoying they need to be a better system as it takes to long

Have to agree with you guys on that one. I would love to just search for just Scottish fighters for example.


Another filter that would be so helpful good suggestion

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That would be a big thing to have a filter, better than manually looking through 600 fighters!

Also, I’ve never seen a fighter available with a win rate above 3-0 ever that I can sign, even with a massive, upgraded stable full of champions, I guess after prospects get to 3-0 they slip off the radar until they get beat a few times

Quite frankly you have had your go at prioritising features around Scottish fighters :slight_smile: At Christmas they were but a pipe dream! :):slight_smile:

We love the idea of filters on this screen. As those who are regulars here know, we can build things we all agree on very quickly. :slight_smile:


On this topic we will be revamping the whole fighter contract area and in turn fights.
99pc sure we will go to a model something like:-

  • Number of fights
  • Base percentage of manager cut
  • Various options around title fight percentage extras.
  • Percentage cut of other income etc.
    This will make a lot more sense once we introduce fight cards which in turn will have some specific contract stuff :slight_smile:

:joy::joy::joy: you have to admit, having the separate nations is a lot better though… Shame on you for taking so long to do it :joy:

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It’s called an east London bias…

No, seriously. HUGE oversight on our part. Massive one which is why we turned that round pretty quick!!!

We have a old Winstone v Saldivar 1967 poster in our office toilet. The Welsh names of who to buy tickets from on the bottom are going in the new Welsh names file for the PC version :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome piece of memorabilia!

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I can only sign fighters coming off a loss unless I go all the way down to do near the bottom of the rankings is it meant to be like that?

Hard to say so many factors in there!

What’s your gym like in terms of history and current stable and managerial record/rep?

that’s my gym there

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“He said proudly”…

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Also good to see the reputation bug fixed working there in the beta and an interesting sponsorship value.

67 was a very special year like 2 weeks before Celtic lifted the old European cup

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