Possible weight changes

I know it’s possible to go up in weight but will it ever be possible to go down in weight ?

We get to everything eventually. The chances of a fighter moving down in weight are many times lower than moving up so we are will add it but it will not be as prevalent as the going up in weight function. As with all things though it will come. We commit to making the game as realistic and fun as we possibly can.

Ok mate thanks for replying

I think it would be good if say you were the champion you could move up in weight to win another title then move back down in weight again to defend you’re original titles or win them back kind of like what canelo has been doing

I’d say if you move up in weight to fight say a dominant champion and it doesn’t work out, too small for the weight, you should be able to move back down. Other than that I don’t see the point. So more moving back down to an original weight than changing weight for the sake of it.

It’s incredibly rare irl. If it’s introduced in the game it should only be a choice for the very elite fighters imo. The likes of Canelo are the exception, not the rule.


That’s fair enough and the kind of conditions that are realistic.
We are never sure quite what people want in terms of the moving down weight as the stats just don’t bear out. That’s a good way of looking at it.